Pepe sans crypto: Mods purge crypto from the original meme subreddit


Moderators on Reddit have started taking action against crypto-related Pepe the Frog hype flooding into the meme’s original subreddits after an explosion in popularity of the Pepe (PEPE) memecoin.

On May 9, a moderator for the r/pepethefrog subreddit pinned a post in which they declared that all “cryptocurrency promotion and all similar schemes such as NFTs” would be banned from the subreddit.

“This subreddit is for pepe the frog art to be shared and created and not for currency trading.”

The moderator also said several other moderators would be added, as “they are needed,” and called for additional moderators.

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Responses from members of the subreddit were overwhelmingly in favor of the decision, with thanks being given to the moderators and others saying, “finally.”

Pepe meme art in the original subreddit after purging crypto-related accounts. Source: Reddit

Some Reddit users even created memes depicting the moderators of various versions of Pepe cleaning up messes related to the crypto content.  

This decision from moderators seemed to have come after a rising number of complaints regarding crypto-related content populating the subreddit. Some users had begun to create angry threads directed at crypto users. 

The Pepe the Frog memecoin PEPE hit the markets in late April, after which it experienced a 2000% price rally fueled by hype and frenzy. 

Nonetheless, the official website for the already existing Pepe brand posted a disclaimer saying it is purely a memecoin with “no intrinsic value.” Since the coin’s all-time high on May 6, the token has fallen at least 42%.

The token was listed by some of the crypto space’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and OKX.

Before entering the crypto space as a memecoin persona, Pepe the Frog was created in 2005 by cartoonist Matt Furie. Since then, Pepe has exploded in popularity as an internet meme and is the face of various social movements worldwide. 

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