launches ChatGPT-based AI user assistant Amy


Artificial intelligence (AI) continues its pervasive entry into industries worldwide. The latest crypto industry adoptee is, which announced its new generative AI user assistant. announced “Amy” on May 2. The crypto exchange’s new AI companion is built to inform users about the industry, including real-time token prices and projects, historical events, and more. According to the announcement, Amy, which uses ChatGPT as its base, is currently in the pilot phase to “gather learnings” before future expansion.

Abhi Bisarya, the executive vice president of product at, says the company is “bullish” on the usage of AI in crypto.

“As with other businesses and sectors, we see incredible potential and opportunity in the convergence of AI with the crypto industry and our platform specifically.”

A spokesperson told Cointelegraph that although these are the “early days” of generative AI, there is potential for “massive positive implications” for many industries if done responsibly.

“This is particularly the case for crypto when it comes to helping educate users about the underlying technology and financial services more broadly.“

As for drawbacks, the spokesperson said they expect a lot of feedback from this AI pilot, which will be “integrated into future upgrades.“ joins the ranks of other cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the space by integrating the AI feature into its platform. OKX exchange recently launched an AI algorithm to capture crypto market volatility.

The Web3 infrastructure company Solana Labs announced its own ChatGPT-based plugin on April 26, which uses AI to fetch blockchain data to check wallet balances, transfer tokens and purchase nonfungible tokens.

Binance also launched an AI chatbot. Like, the Binance chatbot emphasizes user education as part of its Web3 academy.

The cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset trading platform Bitget recently pledged $10 million toward developing the ecosystem by “providing consultations on marketing” and other services to help Fetch expand its business network. 

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