Binance integrates ChatGPT into the Web3 Academy


The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT took the world by storm after its latest release in late November 2022. While initial reactions included much opposition to the technology, the technology continues to witness growing implementations. 

Cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain developer Binance announced that it is integrating ChatGPT into its education platform Binance Academy. In a blog post on April 24, the company introduced its new AI-driven tool which it calls the “Binance Sensei.”

The bot uses machine learning to source answers from Binance’s education platform, Binance Academy to help answer user questions on various topics in the Web3 space.

This new “AI-powered mentor” has users prompt it with a specific question or keywords, from which the Sensei should provide a “concise, approximately 150-word summary” for each user.

On Twitter the Binance community has already begun to react to the news of the AI-driven coach with users questioning allowing a “robot to be our teacher.”

Binance’s new AI-based learning tool is far from the first use case of the technology in the crypto space, with AI even finding a role in bringing more efficiency to the memecoin community. 

BigTech giants like Microsoft, Google and ecommerce behemoth Alibaba have announced their own versions of ChatGPT.

Although the race to AI has led to adoption of the technology, it has also sparked an increase in concern over its capabilities if left unchecked. Italy was early to put a brief ban on the usage of the technology, while regulators across the European Union have decided to probe the AI-algorithms of BigTech companies.

Industry insiders are speculating an upcoming regulatory crackdown on AI as it becomes more pervasive.

Authorities in China also are set to enforce mandatory security reviews for all AI services in the country.

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