Animoca Brands reports $3.4B of assets in an interim financial update


Venture capital firm Animoca Brands released an interim financial report laying out its key unaudited financial positions as of April 30, 2023. The company revealed around $3.4 billion in assets, claiming it remains financially strong despite recent reports of its valuation plummeting. 

Within the update, the company highlighted a cash and stable balance worth $194 million, liquid digital assets worth $566 million — including reserves in The Sandbox (SAND) tokens — and off-balance sheet tokens worth $2.7 billion for all other Animoca Brands majority-owned Web3 subsidiaries.

According to the firm, it will release additional financial updates beginning with an audited financial statement for 2020. The firm also promised to release financial and business highlights for 2022 and the first quarter of 2023.

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The update’s release follows rumors that the company has faced financial struggles. On March 24, a Reuters report citing anonymous sources said that the company had cut its metaverse fund target to $800 million, with its valuation dropping from $6 billion to $2 billion.

The company immediately responded and denied the reports. On March 25, Animoca Brands told Cointelegraph that the claims were incorrect. The firm downplayed suggestions that its valuation plummeted and that it scaled back its metaverse fund target. The company’s co-founder Yat Siu highlighted that the source’s anonymity also makes it difficult to determine their agenda.

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