Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Millionaire Launches Crypto Education YouTube Channel

Joshua Molnar



Joshua Molnar is the founder of Bitcoin Daily and has more than half a million followers

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2021 / — Joshua Molnar, the founder of Bitcoin Daily, has launched a new YouTube channel focused on crypto education. BitcoinDailyTV offers tips, tutorials, market analysis and crypto news to help viewers succeed in trading and investing.

Molnar, also known as Bitcoin Jae, founded Bitcoin Daily in 2017. The Instagram account has grown into a brand focused on empowering others with the knowledge and resources needed to get started with Bitcoin and succeed in the rapidly moving crypto space. The brand now has a network of over 500,000 people across social media platforms following Bitcoin Daily for education and is one of the top crypto accounts on Instagram, with more than 256,000 followers.

Molnar started his journey in crypto at the same place as most people, overwhelmed with all of the information available online. He found that much of the information was contradictory and sent him in many different directions. He had no idea where to start and was scared to lose what little money he did have to the volatile market.

After dropping out of high school, trying his hand in the music industry as a songwriter/producer and working all types of odd jobs to get through each month, such as driving for Uber or delivering food for Postmates, Molnar dedicated himself to learning everything he could about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. His efforts made him a crypto millionaire.

“What I didn’t know was that the game is rigged. The rat race trap isn’t a mistake. It’s been set up on purpose by the 1%. It’s no mistake they don’t teach financial literacy in the school system and instead train you to be 9-5 workers,” Molnar said. “Life and finance are a game. You either play it or get played. Crypto gives us an opportunity to catch up. It gives us an opportunity for financial freedom. That’s why the 1% don’t like it. Fiat teaches you to spend money, while crypto teaches you to invest money. It saved my life.”

On the @Bitcoin.Daily Instagram account, Molnar posts daily cryptocurrency videos covering market updates and analysis, tutorials, reviews, news and more. His newest project, BitcoinDailyTV, features multiple videos a week focused on crypto education and making cryptocurrency accessible to the masses. Molnar explains the basics, such as what Bitcoin is, through more complicated topics such as bull cycles and how to trade.

“I can’t promise you that I will make you a millionaire, but I can promise to show you the tools, thought process, and my experience to save you the frustrations I went through. All of the videos are free on my YouTube channel. After all, I’m just a normal guy who dropped out of school. If I can do it, so can you.”

For more information, follow BitcoinDailyTV on YouTube at and BitcoinDaily on Instagram.


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