Cryptocurrency memes trend online after govt’s crypto bill scares investors. See best ones

Cryptocurrencies have gained massive popularity in India, especially among the country’s vast younger population from 2020. As cryptocurrency occupied one of the top spots on the trends list on Wednesday, social media users began discussing about it on Twitter, but with memes and jokes.

You have probably heard about Bitcoin, the world’s most popular virtual coin, or Dogecoin, the meme currency that took the internet by storm last year. The demand for these digital coins in India has been growing at breakneck pace, evident by the fact that there are 1.5-2 crore crypto investors in India, even as these are not considered as legal tender or currency by the government.

Now, the central government has given a jerk to the smooth sailing of crypto investors in the country, with a proposed bill to ban all private cryptocurrencies. Soon after the development, the values of multiple cryptocurrencies dipped sharply and netizens took to Twitter to share their dukh aur dard in a rather hilarious way.

We have compiled some of the best memes we came across. Take a look:

Jab bad luck hi kharab hai. *pun intended*

Okay bye!

Dil se bura laga

Idhar chala, Main udhar chala?

Bhai ne bola hai !

Did you say ban?

Indian stock exchanges be like:

Here are some more funny memes:

It may be noted that top sources in the government have been indicating that India might not shut itself completely to the underlying technology involving digital currencies. However, more details will be revealed when the bill is tabled in Parliament.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the memes?

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