21-year-old becomes millionaire cryptocurrency star, ‘euphoria’ coming

When utilized to its full potential, cryptocurrency trading can create life-changing amounts of money, and one 21-year-old has achieved that and has started a podcast to talk about his story.

John Briant, a 21-year-old cryptocurrency trader, has spent multiple years trading cryptocurrency, and during the podcast posted to the “Heinous Pumps” YouTube channel, Briant explains that he has been in the crypto space since 2017 and began investing when he was around 18 years old. Briant has since grown his portfolio into the millions, and throughout, has created a large community of tens of thousands of traders that follow him in his free Discord server and on his personal Twitter account.

During the podcast, Briant discusses his perspective on the market as a whole and says that it’s likely that the price of Bitcoin, and alt-coins has not reached its full peak. “People ask me, how I learn and where I learn my sh*t, a lot of it I don’t have any specific place, it’s just being in the space for as long as I’ve been in the space you’re able to identify and see things that you people cannot. For example, I know that this is not the same feeling that the market had back in 2017 when it was going absolutely berserk and then started tanking.

Briant continued and said, “We haven’t seen that euphoria yet it hasn’t been that euphoric, so in my opinion it’s not coming“, which references the expected end of the bull run of the cryptocurrency market and the beginning of the bear market. Briant suspects that the market will increase substantially before that time comes and that metaverse projects in particular will increase in valuable drastically.

The 21-year-old millionaire discussed some of the projects that he supports, naming metaverse coins such as UFO Gaming, which he described as a project that could lead the metaverse charge. Briant also discussed the project Opulous and how it could revolutionize the music industry as well as Solana.

UFO Gaminghttps://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ufo-gaming/


Briant will be posting regular podcasts discussing the cryptocurrency market and his journey through it. If you like cryptocurrency success stories, check out how this 14 and 9 year-old brother-sister combo were making $32,000/month.

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